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About Us

NextLevel Staffing actively works through bridging the gaps between employees and employers by providing a personalized approach to your desired goals. Whether you are advancing your career or growing your business, we devotedly work with you every step of the way. As DFW's best-recruiting team, we understand the importance of developing an exceptional team within your organization; that’s why we interview, screen, and handle all on-boarding processes for potential candidates while providing opportunities for prospective applicants.




"Two years ago our warehouse used 6 different staffing companies to keep our production line running smoothly. I made the decision to add a seventh in NextLevel Staffing due to the quality of candidates we were seeing from our agencies. i’ll say this, it didn’t take very long to see the difference with our 7th agency. The account managers are truly on another level. The communication is great, all of our needs are taken care of quickly, and the best part is, NextLevel always sends employees that fit what we’re looking for. Since partnering with them, we have stopped using our previous 6 agencies, and only use lucky number 7. Thank you NextLevel for being exactly what a staffing agency should be, partners we can always count on!"

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